March 29, 2021

Publication in ‘Gevelbouw’

Aluminum window system with steel look used in the renovation of a modernist office building

"Joost Glissenaar, project architect at Heyligers design + projects, knows better than anyone that the choice of a facade or frame profile can make an incredible impact on the appearance of a building and that you should not think lightly about this". Thanks to Kawneer Company Inc. for the attention in Gevelbouw.

Read the article here.

February 25, 2021

News article project Molukkenstraat in de Architect

Trade magazine de Architect (also) gave some publicity to the transformation that Heyligers design+projects has carried out to the building in Amsterdam East of the former Royal Utermöhlen dressing factory. Client for Heyligers d+p is Kroonenberg Groep. Read the full article via this link


February 18, 2021

Respectful renovation by Heyligers of a modernist office building has paid attention to the transformation Heyligers design+projects has carried out to the building in Amsterdam East of the former Royal Utermöhlen dressing factory. Client for Heyligers d+p is Kroonenberg Groep.
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December 9, 2020

Diamantbeurs on Chroniques d’architecture

A publication about the Diamond Exchange on the French website

November 16, 2020

Article on Molukkenstraat in Het Parool

In Dutch newspaper Het Parool of November 15, 2020 an article appeared about the
minimalism way of transformation of the project Molukkenstraat.

The link to the article: Het Parool

Click here for the article in .pdf form (Dutch language).

May 12, 2020

Article on project Awareways in trade journal PI Interieur

Efficient intervention with maximum results for Awareways in Utrecht.
The owner wanted an interior plan for the new housing (550 m2) of his fast-growing company. This with a very tight schedule and a fixed budget.
Heyligers d + p took up the challenge and delivered a convincing interior concept within two days and then a fully furnished office within 3 months.

Click here to read the article about this project in trade journal PI Interieur April / May 2020

May 28, 2019

‘Do not take credit for yourself, but work together instead’

In the Provada exhibition issue from VG Visie, Heyligers d+p looks back on recent years and a number of completed and ongoing projects. The current transformation market is also discussed and how, by creating collaborative relationships, new opportunities for architects arise.

Read the article here (in Dutch only).

May 24, 2019

Trade journal Bouwwereld: article on Diamantbeurs

In Bouwwereld 4 an interesting article with technical background appeared on the glass dome on the Diamond Exchange (Diamantbeurs) project, called The Dome.

Read the article here (Dutch language).

May 15, 2019

Heyligers d+p on Instagram

Heyligers d+p is present on Instagram. We regularly post inspiring images of projects delivered or those still 'in progress'.
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February 4, 2019

Heyligers d+p in project book Municipality Amsterdam.

With no fewer than 3 projects, Heyligers d+p is present in the new edition of the project book (2017-2018) of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

For more information and previous publications, click here for the relevant site of Gemeente Amsterdam.

January 8, 2019

Heyligers d+p in PI Interieur

In the issue Dec/Jan. 2019 of PI magazine for project and interior architect Lonneke Leijnse tells about the interior plan for Het Speelhuis in Helmond; the reallocation and transformation from church to theatre.

To read the article click here (Dutch language)



June 13, 2018

600 apartments on top of an existing building | Berghaus Plaza

On top of three office buildings at the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam, 600 apartments will be built. The developers Boelens de Gruyter and Kroonenberg Groep have signed a letter of intent with the municipality of Amsterdam for the realization of this 'residential area' on top of existing buildings.

The urban plan and most buildings have been designed by KCAP Architects & Planners. The building on top of Berghaus Plaza is designed by HEYLIGERS d + p and MVSA Architects. In about one and a half years the construction of the houses starts, three years later the project has to be finished.

Take a look at the original publication on Architectenweb here.

March 28, 2018

Heyligers in ‘The Other Office Three’ by FRAME

Publication of HEYLIGERS' project for Pearson in the Creative Workplace Design-book by FRAME; 'The Other Office Three'.

The design belongs to the  'PLANTING CREATIVITY' category in the book as it - according to FRAME- tries to create and reinforce interaction in the working environment.

" Previously split over two sites, the new office brings two workforces with different habits and characteristics together under one roof. Located in the city’s Sloterdijk district, the new design is hoped to make both departments not only feel at home, but motivated to interact with one another in a comfortable work environment."

Read the full article here, or found out more about the project here.

You can order the book here .

September 19, 2017

Article about RIPE NCC in the PI

Read full article here (only in Dutch)

June 27, 2017

Article about design Hdp for Provada

June 22nd Cobouw published an article about our design for the Provada 2017, Plaspoelpolder in Rijswijk.

"On the property fair Provada, Heyligers d+p presented a bold transformation project at the Verrijn Stuartlaan in Rijswijk. They presented their design for a hotel as a stimulant and incubator in the area affected by stubborn vacancy."

Read full article by clicking here (in Dutch only)

June 2, 2015

NUON in ‘Inside Outside Office Design V’ book (China)

In the latest, soon to be released, book 'Inside Outside Office Design V' 10 pages are dedicated to our design for NUON.

'Inside/Outside Office Design' is an exciting collection of the latest in contemporary office design from around the world, creating new and innovative work spaces that are multi-functional, stylish and imaginative. This book features 47 latest projects of office design worldwide from as much designers and Architecture firms. As a book specializing in present office design, this book collects plenty of works from excellent design teams.'

Inside Outside Office Design V | July 2015 | 424 pages

Click here to read the PDF

February 17, 2015

Article about interior design Nuon in Architectenweb Magazine

The January 2015 edition of Architectenweb Magazine devoted considerable attention (6 pages) to our NUON project.

The connecting work environment.

"The new headquarters of Nuon, designed by Heyligers, is dedicated to meeting and exchange of knowledge."

Source: Architectenweb Magazine, January 2015 | # 7 | Year 2

See PDF for complete article (Dutch)

March 13, 2014

Project NUON in de ‘PI’

The February-March 2014 edition of the PI devoted considerable attention (6 pages) to our NUON project.

"Late last year Energy company Nuon moved to an existing office in Amsterdam Southeast. The wish list of the client stated not only 'energy label A' and BREEAM 'Very Good', but also an interior suitable for 'The New Way of Working'. A challenge for Heyligers d+p, who completed the project within fifteen months."

Source: PI February-March 2014 | # 1 | Year 25

See PDF for complete publication (dutch)

August 1, 2012

Artikel Riva in de Venuez

Venuez publiceert een artikel over ons ontwerp voor Café Restaurant Riva.

“Ruim zes jaar geleden hebben we het interieur van café-restaurant Dauphine van Charles en Milène ontworpen”, vertelt Marleen Valstar, interieurarchitect bij Heyligers. “Er waren verschillende designers voor het ontwerp van Riva benaderd, maar uiteindelijk gaven onze ideeën de doorslag."

Bron: Venuez, hospitality & style magazine | #29 | juli-aug 2012

Zie PDF voor gehele publicatie

May 1, 2012

Gevel Boelelaan in de ‘Bouwwereld’

In het laatste nummer van de 'Bouwwereld' is uitgebreid aandacht besteed aan de nieuwe gevel van de Boelelaan, welke door Heyligers d+p ontworpen en gedetailleerd is.

De 'Bouwwereld' is een vakblad over bouwtechniek, waarin de detaillering van bouwkundige oplossingen nader worden belicht. Bron: Bouwwereld 10, 2009-06-25

Zie de PDF voor de gehele publicatie

April 20, 2012

Hotel Vinkeveen in de ‘Nieuwe Meerbode’

In de 'Nieuwe Meerbode' van 9 maart 2011 is uitgebreid aandacht besteed aan de presenatie die John Bosch (Oever Zaaijer) en Willem Heyligers hebben gegeven over het ontwerp van het nieuwe hotel Vinkeveen.

bron: Nieuwe Meerbode, Editie Mijdrecht, Wilnis, Vinkeveen 9 maart 2011

Download artikel als pdf

September 1, 2011

Project RBS in de PI

In het themanummer 'Duurzame interieurs' van de PI worden maar liefst 5 pagina's besteed aan ons ontwerp voor het hoofdkantoor van RBS aan de Amsterdamse Zuidas.

"De Nederlandse vestiging van The Royal Bank of Scotland zetelt sinds enige tijd in een opvallend gebouw van UN Studio aan de Amsterdamse Zuidas. Heyligers design+projects voorzag het kantoor van een passend interieur, dat ook nog eens op een LEED Platinum certificaat mikt."

Bron: PI, augustus-september 2011 | #4 | jaargang 22


Zie PDF voor de gehele publicatie

August 11, 2010

Brunel office is ‘Qasteel’ in ‘Quote magazine’

In the August 2010 edition of Quote magazine, an interview was published with CEO of Brunel Mr. van Barneveld on the new Brunel international headquarters.

source: Quote, August 2010

See the PDF for the entire publication (dutch)

May 26, 2010

New office Brunel in ‘PI magazine’

In the 2nd issue of 2010, PI magazine paid extensive attention to the new interior of Brunel International headquarters.

source: PI, project & interior, No. 2 - year 21, Apr. - MAY 2010.

See the PDF for the entire publication (dutch)

April 11, 2010

Restaurant Kronenburg in Barlife

In het 23e nummer van het Barlife magazine zijn in de rubriek 'nieuw design' foto's geplaatst van het door HEYLIGERS d+p ontworpen 'restaurant Kronenburg'.

bron: Barlife Nr. 23, maart 2010, Boomerang.

Zie de PDF voor de gehele publicatie