Café Restaurant Riva


Café Restaurant

Location: Amsterdam

Work: Concept to final interior design, documentation, tender documents, technical drawings, surveillance aesthetics, delivery

Size: 430 sqm

Delivery: May 2012

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Venuez, september 2012

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Café Restaurant Riva

A new hot spot for coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner near the ‘Omval’ under the Rembrandt Tower and reached by a walkway. The restaurant seats about 120 ppl spread over two floors. The ground floor, situated barely a meter above the water level, is divided into two areas by a ten meter long bench: the bar side (white marble, stone, wood and glass) with informal seating areas, and the restaurant side with the huge sofa facing the water. In good weather, the large floating, south facing terrace in use.

Upstairs the restaurant is connected to the lower restaurant through a large void. The functional areas (including the kitchen) on both floors of the shore side are separated by a wall finished with a pattern of oak slats, a playful variation on the wood finish of the exterior.

Photography: Michael van Oosten