Canalhouse Amsterdam

Location: Keizersgracht Amsterdam

Client: private real estate

Surface: 3.000 sqm

Proceedings: interior design, VO to DO / TO, implementation supervision, aesthetic guidance, tender documents, working drawings, delivery.

Delivered: July 2020

After 2.5 years the renovation of the former ‘de Architekten Cie.’ building on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam has been completed.
In all respects a very challenging project in which the intensive cooperation between owner, architect and contractor has paid off.

The ambition with the realized renovation was to make this national monument sustainable, gas-free and comfortable, whereby the history and the spatial structure become recognizable and readable. In addition, the spatial quality of this previously closed building has been improved.

An important first step was to move the lift to the top of the stairwell so that the vertical transport routes are linked. This created the opportunity to set up the air treatment installation in the relatively high basement of the adjacent building and to transform the old elevator shaft into an installation shaft.

System ceilings have been removed so that the concrete and wooden floor constructions above became visible. Ducts, induction units, gutters, lighting and sprinklers have been integrated into a total design by means of a carefully coordinated installation plan.

Acoustics have been solved by means of specially made acoustic panels in a zig-zag shape to achieve as much absorption surface as possible. In the historical rooms a concealed solution was chosen for the installations in the walls and ceilings to support the classic character of these rooms.

Photography Wouter van der Sar