Rokin/Kalverstraat Transformation

Transformatie & renovatie: kantoor > appartementen

Locatie: Rokin/Kalverstraat, Amsterdam

Oppervlakte: 1125 m2

Werkzaamheden: interieurontwerp, CO tot DO, aanbestedingsdocumenten, omgevingsvergunning, uitvoeringsbegeleiding, projectmanagement

Opgeleverd: december 2017

Bekijk hier foto’s van de uitvoeringsfase

Over het ontwerp

The basement, the ground floor and the first floor now have a shop-function. The other floors have been made into apartments. This was a renovation of 2 existing properties.
The floor in the shop on the Rokin side has been lowered to make sure the shopping area is now at street level. By creating a staircase in the shop a connection has been made between the ground floor and the first floor, which is also part of the shop. The other upper floors have been fitted with different types of homes.

Changes have also been made to the shop on the Kalverstraat side. The shop on this side now has a staircase connecting the ground floor to the first floor. The building on the Kalverstraat side has an extra level on the 2nd floor, allowing space for a more spacious apartment with a roof terrace. Also, the façade in the alley has been changed.

Fotografie: Woning Media Nederland