Transformation Westersingel Rotterdam (study)

Conversion, Provada 2015 Pitch

Location: Westersingel, Rotterdam

Size: 2330sqm high-end apartments, 336sqm retail, 1190sqm shared functions


Conversion, office building to high-end apartment complex


The building on the Westersingel currently has an office function. The Westersingel is located on the edge of the center of Rotterdam. Heyligers d+p made a new design for this property and transformed it into a high end apartment complex. This transformation creates the opportunity for luxury living in a historic street with old buildings overlooking the park.
On the ground floor a breakthrough of two stories high is created. It runs from the front of the property to the rear and thus creates a visual connection to the park at the rear of the property. From this entrance, the apartments and the courtyard and garage on the ground floor are accessible. The future users of these luxury apartments can all make use of the gym and swimmingpool on the ground floor.