Repurpose & Transform

The Netherlands has many empty office buildings. Repurposing may be the ideal solution for many of these buildings. HEYLIGERS d+p has extensive experience in the transformation of buildings. In these projects we seek a solution in the function and use of a building. The building is made to serve the needs of the user, and not the other way round.

We work with you to devise ways of breathing new life into empty buildings, developing them sustainably for a second useful life, whether they are old buildings, historic monuments, or obsolete new structures.

HEYLIGERS d+p has repurposed various historic buildings and national monuments, such as the Renault Office (Garage) in Amsterdam, one of the first successful conversions to sustainable, multifunctional use. The former Renault building is now home to Café Restaurant Dauphine, FD Mediagroep, a gym, and various offices.

When working on old buildings and monuments we seek to achieve a unique fusion between the existing structure and the new features. We draw a clear distinction between old and new in the design.

HEYLIGERS d+p is familiar with the complex rules governing the renovation of monuments. We have also demonstrated our ability to communicate effectively with relevant bodies such as the Cultural Heritage Agency, municipalities, and other authorities.

HEYLIGERS d+p is a co-founder and member of Refill, the network of innovative companies engaged with the issue of vacant property. Refill has set itself the goal of finding sustainable, multifunctional uses for these properties. The partners work together in teams, forming an inspiring and productive network that bridges the gap between the supply of empty offices and the growing demand for multifunctional space.


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