Increasing attention is being paid to sustainable building and conversion, green offices and cradle-to-cradle design. A sustainable and energy-efficient office building can make a real difference in the short and long term with regard to energy costs, carbon emissions, and labour productivity. Our way of working has already delivered surprising, sustainable solutions in many projects.

HEYLIGERS d+p has the expertise to advise in all phases of a project involving sustainability, including site and building selection, the office concept, energy and installations, the use of materials, and detailed planning.

We also devote a great deal of attention to the quality of the indoor environment.

Various studies have shown that an improvement in the indoor environment raises labour productivity. The choice of materials and installations in particular has a direct impact on the indoor environment. Innovative thinking in the conceptual phase is essential especially in the case of building installations. As a specialist in this field we have extensive knowledge of the latest solutions and possibilities.

HEYLIGERS d+p has wide experience in obtaining sustainability certification, including LEED, GreenCalc+ and BREEAM, and the associated procedures.

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